One Azul Boracay is located in North Station 1 of the famed White Beach.

Activities in Boracay

Boracay offers many different activities that will keep you busy during your stay.

  • Watersports – There are many ways to truly experience Boracay’s blue waters. Try windsurfing, kite boarding, and stand-up paddling when you visit Bulabog Beach. For those with the need for speed,there’s nothing like an hours of jet skiing or a round or two on a fly fish or a banana boat ride to do get the adrenaline pumping.
  • Beach/Island Hopping – Boracay has at least 12 beaches to explore. Hire a boat and see how the beaches differ from one another. Some of the notable beaches to see are: Puka Beach, Ilig-iligan Beach, Tambisaan Beach, and Crocodile Island.
  • Cliff Diving – This is an activity not for the faint-hearted. Ariel’s Point has five cliff diving platforms to test your courage ranging from 3 meters to 13 meters high.
  • Sailing – Let the wind be your guide. Try parasailing to get a fantastic view of Boracay from high up the waters. Alternatively, try your hand at paraw sailing where you control two sails to get you moving around the island.
  • Scuba Diving – There are several diving sites in Boracay suitable for varying levels of expertise. Scuba diving schools provide fun dives, beginner courses and even PADI certification.
  • Helmet Diving – Helmet diving is best for those who do not have a background on diving or doesn’t know how to swim. Just wear your helmet and you’ll get to walk on the sea floor surrounded by colorful fishes and corals.
  • Zorb and Zipline – Choose how you’d like to go down…recreationally, of course. Spin and roll down the hill inside a giant plastic bubbble OR strap on a harness and zip down from 80 feet above sea level.
  • ATV or Buggy Ride – Tour the island driving an ATV or a buggy and take photographs of the scenic spots along the way.